Teaching in A Digital Age: A conversation of sorts

On Wed of this week, I am running the first of my three series workshop designed to introduced colleagues to the idea of teaching in a digital age.  I am looking to make this a co-constructed experience (although, I have a back-up plan in reserve.)  I have about 10 people signed up– this is part of a series geared toward faculty in their first three years, but I have invited others. I have pulled from some of the shape of some of the workshops I have seen out there. I took some inspiration from @Bali_Maha and @readywriting  discussion “Towards a Critical approach to Faculty Development” and a AACU presentation by @econproph@GoogleGuacamole  and @Autumm from last year. I reached out to @Autumm and @Bali_Mahafor some feedback on the design, and then on twitter for some ideas for the provocations. The idea for provocations where inspired by @actualham.


photo by samantha streamer veneruso

The focus of this session is:

Setting the context— what do you want out of this work?
Structuring the community-– what will we do together?
Intersections— What are the implications of the intersections of teaching and technology?
Our students— What is the impact of a digital age on our students?

Provocations/Propositions to get us started

  • As faculty, it is our responsibility to teach students to navigate and participate effectively in the digital world.
  • Students take public writing seriously.
  • Academic discussions  are increasingly taking place in the blogosphere.
  • Traditional research journals are often several years behind the conversations.
  • Students do not know how to use digital tools for academic and professional purposes.
  • Open access research and materials allow students to own their education.
  • Students need to learn to evaluate information effectively.

Teaching in a Digital Age, an open text, https://opentextbc.ca/teachinginadigitalage/

“What is Digital Citizenship?” By Autumm Caines http://autumm.edtech.fm/2016/01/25/what-is-digital-citizenship-recap-on-week-1-and-announcing-week-2-of-digciz/
“Digital Literacy, but Which One?” by Mike Caufield https://hapgood.us/2016/12/19/yes-digital-literacy-but-which-one/

“What is Digital Literacy?”  http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2016/11/09/what-is-digital-literacy.html

Still feeling pretty nervous about how this will go!

(Note: I tagged this in Openlearning as well, because it is crosses over, even though it is, surprise, surprise off topic.)

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