Writing a little about myself is awkward, but if you are here, you probably want to know somewhat more. This site is primarily focused on my professional and scholarly interests although separating those entirely from my personal life is probably not achievable.

I have been teaching for a large portion of my life, and currently, I am the Chair of the General Studies program, and a Professor of English at a large community college. I teach composition and literature.

I am also a doctoral student at Northeastern University where I am studying organizationalimg_0015 leadership. One of the purposes for this site is to facilitate my dissertation research. I am currently ABD, and as I write this, I am feeling stalled and disconnected from the process. My research focuses on organizational systems, faculty leadership, grassroots leadership, complex adaptive systems theory and tempered radical theory.

Beyond my dissertation focus, I am interested in critical and open pedagogy, #OER, digital pedagogy, and connected learning. I have a number of initiatives going at my institution, including eportfolio implementation, #OER degree initiative, the implementation of a new General Studies program. I currently serve as chair an accreditation workgroup. I co-wrote a chapter on eportfolios, which will hopefully be published through the American Association of Colleges and Universities in spring 2017.

The views expressed on this site are mine and reflect in my progress and thinking and are #unfinished.